Hey, dweeby! I finally finished writing this! I hope it’s what you wanted, and I hope it makes you feel a little better. <3

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"A version of me."

Anonymous: have you seen mads' selfie? can you imagine how the conversation went when they asked him to do one? Like "you need to take a selfie" "a what?" "a selfie, with your phone" "i'm sorry, i'm from the former millennium, i don't know what you're talking about"

in case anyone is wondering, the flaunt selfie magazine (i was lucky to find a copy) is a couple hundred pages of celebrity selfies with a few singualr articles (mads being one of them) All the published selfies are of different ratio images and in vastly different locations, some even in the specific celebrities homes or on planes meaning the actors and actresses and musicians took the selfie on their own and submitted them.

mads took that himself. probs in his hotel room. probs selfie #27 cuz daddy needs to look nice.

warpedchyld: I just want to say thank you for that David's Salvation post. It was a true work of art. Also thank you for all the good you do for the fandom, not just Hannigrammers. You rock and I wish a million good things to you. Cuz fuck I am still in hysterics over that post. He saw an ankle...JFC I would kill for half your wit.

omg he probably squeeled when he saw the ankle and ran to his room to cry and when jon pulls his cock out of his trousers to show david i bet david tries to scream and jon has to hold a hand over his mouth and tongue his ear TO GET THE STUPID TWINK TO SHUT IT


can you imagine it


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Anonymous: David wearing Jon's spurs and cowboy hat while riding him hard hmmmmmmmm


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Anonymous: I've loved every single one of your au ideas, but David's salvation is perfection. Just imagining twinky, whiny David annoying the hell out of stoic, manlt-man Jon (while also giving him boners every few minutes) is a source of great joy for me.

UGHGHGHG ME TOO - following behind him his curls bouncing around asking a million questions and I AM JON I HAVE THINGS TO DO i just

i just need them yelling at each other and arguing and getting in each other’s close personal space fu c k

this ship is going to fucking destroy me i can feel it.

Anonymous: I love ur hair. And ur glasses are really awesome and fit u very well. Just wanted to tell u that.. Okay, bye. (≧∇≦)/

omigosh ur so sweet thank u ! 

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Anonymous: hey so i know you got an ask about this a month ago, but i keep checking the download for tempo and it's still unavailable after all this time and i'm kinda fearing it'll never bounce back ... would it be too troubling for you to 'activate' the link again? i would appreciate it immensely! thank you in advance <3

oh my fucking god

i made a copy but it hasn’t processed yet so you can’t watch it in browser you have to download it.


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look at this its horrible

dont ever date a white boy