the will graham to my hannibal lecter

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Hahahahaha yea

*shows sister photo of Hugh and Mads in King Arthur*
omg what.
that is so gay
I bet they did the coke then they gay
that’s what u do
cocaine plus gay

Omg my sister and I are drunk discussing Hannibal this is amazing

ok so these are called buzz balls and apparently 20% and fuck you up

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Lol 420?

Anonymous: i want the "madness shared by two" design on a shirt...i want it so hard


If i get one more ask saying my sex ed conversations with girls about their concerns with their genitals is alternative gender insesitive i will fucking scream and close the ask box

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Anonymous: ahoy! thanks for all the masterposts! i dont want to bother you or anything but in your video master post - hannibal section, the newest episode is named "s1" instead of s2, just thought you might havent noticed


thank u friendo

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pb and i got our taxes back so we both get to pay off our bills and buy something nice for ourselves

i was guna get that crazy anatomically correct drawing model but they aren’t selling anymore?!?!?!?

so we are going mall shopping and im guna buy nice things yay

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also…has these people not familiar with torrent tho? : {



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Anonymous: I think you should suggest anon to watch it on Hulu or Nbc with plug-in or something. It might help with the ratings. I think it still counts until today.

if they can’t figure out how to find the video on my main blog do u think they understand plug ins come on work with me anon don’t tell me how to live my life.

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cmon people there are so many easy links on this blog to what you’re asking for

i get at least 3 a day. i think they are on mobile. i set aside one to answer like once a week just to get it out of the way but it can be frustrating like my eyeballs pop out of my head but then i calm down and be like w/e 420 blaze it

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Anonymous: I'm not too sure if you've seen yanagoya's hannigram art? She doesn't have them much in her art tag but she draws them really good! (just scroll down a lil in her art tag and you'll see it!)

o yes of course, one of the first fanartist i found during season one, they seem a bit inactive now tho at least in hannibal fanart

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Anonymous: I'm in the UK is there anywhere I can watch the new episodes of hannibal? I literally tried to illegally watch it on somewhere I found on google but it gave my computer a virus lol. Do you know anywhere safe to watch the new eps?

click the link “video” at the top of the page


Why blaze it when I can praise it,Psalm 4:20 can I get a Hallelujah